archival inkjet prints
various sizes
2009 - ongoing

This ongoing photographic series presents recordings of various coastlines worldwide. Special digital cameras take one-pixel wide recordings of seascapes in regular intervals during the hours before and after sun set. These slice-recordings are then conflated into single photographs with the time progressing from left to right.

2018, Fishboat Bay, Salish Sea, Canada
2018, Karaoğlanoğlu Bay, Levantine Sea, Cyprus
2017, Baie de Roquebrune, Ligurian Sea, Monaco
2016, Loch Nan Uamh, Sound of Arisaig, UK
2015, English Bay, Salish Sea, Canada
2015, Trincomali Channel, Salish Sea, Canada
2015, Willapa Bay, Pacific Ocean, USA
2015, Cap de Sète, Gulf of Lyon, France
2014, Millport Bay, Firth of Clyde, UK
2014, Morecambe Bay, Irish Sea, UK
2014, IJmeer, IJsselmeer, Netherlands
2014, Sacca di Goro, Adriatic Sea, Italy
2014, Foce del Rubicone, Adriatic Sea, Italy
2014, Foce del Arno, Ligurian Sea, Italy
2014, Marsden Bay, North Sea, UK
2014, Collywell Bay, North Sea, UK
2014, Boulmer Haven, North Sea, UK
2014, Mouth of the Tyne, North Sea, UK
2013, Laguna Veneta, Adriatic Sea, Italy
2013, Malmöfjord, Skagerrak, Sweden
2009, Gulf of Naples, Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy
2009, Workington Bay, Irish Sea, UK