English folly
recycled plastic waste,
steel armature
520 x 450 x 480 cm

English folly is an architectural installation based on the traditional 18th century garden folly. Informed by the design principles of Andrea Palladio, it plays with the symmetry, perspective and values of classical Roman and Greek architecture, as well as the romantic ideas found in informal British garden design.

English folly is built entirely from recycled plastic waste. Combining the by-product of our excessive consumerism, with the classic Roman temple design that embodies the styles and lasting ideals of democracy, philosophy and shared values, the work juxtaposes two opposing results of our Western culture.

As an artistic contribution to the on-going public debate surrounding the UK leaving the European Union and the recent political developments in the USA, English folly questions our current understanding of culture, value systems and populist democratic decisions.

A PDF of English folly can be found here: English_folly.pdf