reclaimed timber,
steel, acrylic glass
520 x 440 x 440 cm

Kiosk is an architectural sculpture constructed from reclaimed wooden church pews that draws on the visual language of Islamic architecture.

Kiosk is conceived as a contemplative space as well as a focus to explore wider issues of social inclusion, diversity and common ground in our society. Integrating the materials of one religious community with the iconography of another, Kiosk negotiates cultural difference in several ways: as a tangible symbol of religious diversity and respect by providing a focus for debate that leads to greater understanding and tolerance, and a place where diverse communities can meet.

Kiosk is originally a word used in Persia to describe a garden pavilion that was used for contemplation and social interaction. In the West, it is now commonly used to refer to a small shop in an urban context.

A PDF of kiosk can be found here: kiosk.pdf

A video by FABRICA on Kiosk can be seen here:

Photography of Kiosk by Edward Bishop