archival inkjet prints
various sizes
since 2009

The atlas-project is an ongoing photographic series of central public places worldwide. Special digital cameras take one-pixel high recordings in regular intervals of selected spaces. These slice-recordings are then conflated into single photographic images with the time progressing from bottom to top. A legend on the right side is part of the final image and includes the title, a short description of the events during the recording and all relevant technical data.

2018, Toronto, Canada
2018, Portland, USA
2017, Milan, Italy
2015, Seattle, USA
2015, Victoria, Canada
2015, Vancouver, Canada
2015, Konya, Turkey
2014, Vienna, Austria
2014, Prague, Czech Republic
2014, Bratislava, Slovakia
2014, Berlin, Germany
2014, Gothenburg, Sweden
2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012, Salzburg, Austria
2012, Paris, France
2012, Washington DC, USA
2012, Cologne, Germany
2012, Bremen, Germany
2012, Bologna, Italy
2011, Rome, Italy
2011, Venice, Italy
2011, Strasbourg, France
2011, Singapore
2011, Bario, Malaysia
2011, Miri, Malaysia
2010, Tokyo, Japan
2010, Nara, Japan
2010, Kyoto, Japan
2010, Kanazawa, Japan
2010, Sydney, Australia
2010, Melbourne, Australia
2010, Brisbane, Australia
2010, Adelaide, Australia
2010, Stockholm, Sweden
2010, Munich, Germany
2010, Dusseldorf, Germany
2009, Warsaw, Poland